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How do I publish with the University of Guyana Press (UGP)?
To publish with the Press, you simply must submit a proposal form available here.

What should I know before publishing with UGP?
The publishing process takes some time and for this reason we ask that you follow the prescribed format and allow us adequate time to review your submissions to the point of printing. Kindly send your proposal to us at We also ask that you peruse our selection of books as well as our About Us page.

Are works copyrighted by the Press or are people expected to copyright their work prior to submission?
The Press holds responsibility for the filing of Copyright of any books submitted. The author holds the copyright of their works, the press holds Publishing rights for the near future of the publication.

What is the publishing process with UGP?
The publishing process varies in length and stages – there is not one work that is the same. A general representation of the process can be found here.

Does UGP accept unagented submissions?
Of course, we do!


What kind of material does UGP publish?
The Press publishes solely non-fiction books that fit its creative vision. Its key function is to contribute to the national landscape by producing scholarly and creative works with a focus on peer-reviewed publications such as books, monographs, and journals produced by faculty, staff, and students at the University of Guyana.

Does UGP publish ebooks?
UGP currently does not publish ebooks, only print. This option will become available in the near future.

Where can I explore UGP’ catalogue?
Our catalogue is available on our website.

How do I contact an author?
We strive to protect our author’s privacy and as such do not readily give out their contact details. However, you may contact us at for guidance.

How do I obtain rights or permissions to use materials from books or republish?
This is unique to the book or journal and depending on the material it may not be an option. Please contact us at

How can I contact the UGP?
The UGP can be contacted via email: or telephone: 592-624-6160.

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Where can I buy copies of UGP publications?

Copies of publications by the Press can be found in local Guyanese bookstores and at the University Campus Store.


How can my book be marketed?

The UGP in collaboration with the author, will market the book. This may take the form of a book launch, video promos, fliers, book readings, etc. Your book will be advertised on our website at