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PAPER 1 – Petroleum and climate change in Guyana’s Future by Jay R Mandle 1.-UG-Press-Rennaissance-Lectures-Mandle-N.pdf
PAPER 2 – Whiter Guyana’s Public School Sector Reform? Towards A Game Changing Economic Sector by Michael Emanuel Scott 2.-UG-Press-Rennaissance-Lectures-Scott-N_0.pdf
PAPER 3 – Uses of Soil Microorganism by Professor Gomathinayagam Subramanian 3.-UG-Press-Rennaissance-Lectures-Gomathinayagam-N.pdf
PAPER 4 – Engineering and Entrepreneurship by Charles P Ceres 4.-UG-Press-Rennaissance-Lectures-Ceres-N.pdf
PAPER 5 – The Multiversity Universities of the Caribbean byGeorge Alleyne 5.-UG-Press-Rennaissance-Lectures-Alleyne-N.pdf
PAPER 6 – The Publishing Pillar of The Renaissance Bridgeby Ian L Randle 6.-UG-Press-Rennaissance-Lectures-Randle-N.pdf